Compensation & Benefits

Looking for cost-efficient ways to motivate your employees? Mint Consult helps you develop an effective wage policy and compensation system, with a split salary for foreign employees and in accordance with the Belgian and international tax law and social security rules.


Efficient wage policy: development and implementation

Whether you manage a local organisation or an international company, we help you develop, implement and optimise your remuneration policy. Motivate your employees in a cost-effective way and grow your business.

Incentive packages

A bonus system, group insurances, company cars and new age benefits as an extra boost to your employees’ motivation. We help you create incentive packages that are efficient and effective.

Salary split implementation

If your employees are working / active in various countries, we can help you to set up a split employment. We also make sure you comply with the rules with regard to tax and social security in every country, while aiming for a higher net income for your employees.

We are also happy to help you with advice on:
Global Mobility
Director’s Remuneration
Business Coaching

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