Global Mobility

How do you install a tax-efficient remuneration structure for expats? Where should expats pay taxes and social security contributions? What can foreign employees do to optimise their tax return? And are you obliged to open a remote branch if you want to employ workers in a foreign country? As soon as your employees cross the border, they are subject to specific rules with regard to labour law, tax and social security.

Mint Consult is an expert in Belgian and international tax legislation. We help international employers with tax and legal advice, and offer them administrative support. The retrieval of social documents, tax return preparation, support during fiscal procedures and tax controls, payroll and tax equalisation calculations, visa and work permit applications, … You can leave them to us while you focus on your core business.

We are also happy to help you with advice on:
Compensation & Benefits
Director’s Remuneration
Business Coaching

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