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 07/09/2020 | Category: Global Mobility

Permanent establishment in Belgium?

Tax game rules to do business in Belgium Entrepreneurs which are actively building on the expansion / growth of their business are often considering setting up activities abroad, also considering increasing mobility and globalization. In this respect, caution is important. Often these activities abroad generate additional tax obligations. This is the case when activities of […]

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 31/08/2020 | Category: Compensation & Benefits

Consumption voucher for your employees

After the meal- and de eco voucher, Belgian government has introduced the consumption voucher. In other words, if you want to reward your employees before year-end with a tax optimal extra benefit in Belgium, the new consumption voucher may be an interesting option! We have summarized the most important of attention hereafter: What? A consumption […]

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 24/08/2020 | Category: Global Mobility

International employment – plans thwarted by COVID-19?

Since March 2020, the Corona virus has changed the world drastically. Also organizations have taken measures to reduce/limit the spread of the virus. The most obvious measures were reducing international travel and obligate home working for all employees. This impacted the work pattern of everybody and in particular the international working employees. In international employment […]

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